An e-course is a relatively low-tech version of an online course.  It dosen’t require a website with discussion boards and chat capabilities, all of the  teaching is done by email.  For instance; a five day mini-ecourse would consist of five short lessons, one each day for five days.  The lessons will all be  on a paticular topic, such as SEO or Article Rewriting.  You will usually get the first lesson instantly when you subscribe.

For marketers, email courses are a series of lessons on a specific subject, placed in a follow-up autoresponder sequence.  Ecourses are commonly used  to sell products or services.  For example, if you promote Autoresponders, you might develop an ecourse that teaches your subscribers how to use your  Autoresponder check more tips @ and how it will benefit them. Ecourses can be written for almost any product or service as long as you plan what type of information  you want to share.

For an excellent example of an ecourse, enter your informaion in the form below.  You will recieve the 13 part ecourse:

“How Autoresponders Can Make You More Money”

Not only will you see a great example of how an ecourse works, but you will learn all about Autoresponders as well.

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