Modern Internet technologies allow website designers to capitalize on all known types of media to better online experience for Internet users. Audio, video, animation and interactivity  all this is available for any website design project. I advise anyone who is serious about ecommerce or Internet marketing to use these tools to their full potential.

YouTube receives more visitors than Google. Television has defeated book reading a long time ago. Only a few people left who actually likes to read anything besides cheap fiction. To make your content presentation more compelling and impactful, get with a program and use rich media to support your marketing efforts. Media implementation and syndication also helps you to promote your site through search engines. Rich media distribution online is a future of Internet and the future is here.

Online media can do wonders for a small business, lets consider these possibilities:

Animated presentation of products, services, technologies or methods. Any educational content is much better perceived through a well-done online media presentation than through pages of text. Nothing wrong with text, it will serve as a food for search engines but if you were to test two pages against each other one with video and one with text, you will find that people who are watching video stick around longer and majority of people who attempt to read text do not finish reading it.

A greeting message from the owner of the business. You paid for your pizza commercial on local TV; you may as well roll it online for free. If you are a business owner who is looking for more customers to walk into your shop, I recommend recording a short warm and informative video greeting on your website, they will feel like they know you already and will likely see you not the competition.

Giving a tour of your facilities and showing your customers how you work and your quality standards what makes you better also gives you leverage against competition. Allow me to remind you Samuel Adams beer commercials. If you have a restaurant, give your website visitors a short interview with a chef, up close footage of your most popular dishes and people enjoying them. This certainly wets the appetite. 

Video testimonials from your customers. These work great for any business. The word of mouth is one of the most powerful forms of advertising.

Video presentation of the product. It is absolutely great. I caught myself several times ordering from Costco without shopping around because they have well done media product presentation pages. In the video footage you can show something very exciting a like vacuum cleaner sucking in the heavy bolts, an easy way to install baby safety features in the kitchen, or steaming pizza All these things work much better in a video; otherwise we would be reading scrolling text from the TV screens. 

Educational Video – If lets say you sell informational products or for example, you invented a new thigh master and you would like to teach people how to use it, then its time for camera, lights, action!

Flash animations  a powerful way to quickly tell visitors what your website is about. Flash animations also are effective in banner advertising.

There are many more applications for use of online media in internet marketing and e-commerce. These are just a few. I am sure you can come up with one or two or ten that can benefit your business.

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