Social media marketing is a relatively new addition to Internet marketing diversity and it offers unparalleled opportunities for those who understand the power of social media websites. In current trends it is quite clearly shown that growth of social media site searches is more potent than major search engines.

Another very interesting finding shows that high traffic dramatically increases website rankings in major search engines. Social media provides with opportunities to increase traffic to your website much faster than one may expect from old-fashioned SEO techniques and since there is a strong correlation between traffic and site rankings the conclusion is to embrace social media marketing and to learn how to use this new phenomenon in conjunction with internet marketing.

What is social media anyway? How does it work? Anyone heard about Twitter, MySpace, Digg and others. The idea behind social media is to allow its participants to rate, reply and/or comment on posted content. If content is interesting enough to attract many viewers and result in favorable replies, the numbers can quickly can snowball and if the poster has included a link to his website, website traffic will increase significantly. This traffic explosion is immediately noticed by the search engines and as numerous experiments have proven will contribute to higher rankings. In fact, it could boost your online visibility in a matter of ours. 

What is the biggest secret to social media marketing success? Awesome content. If you manage to publish something that is intriguing, educational, useful, or outright shocking in relation to products or services you promote, and it is picked up by the social media users and you managed to funnel this traffic to your website, you may end up having a very nice day indeed.

Social media websites vary in content, form and media itself. What they have in common however is the fact that they are social. People interact with each other and you can call this social media a second evolution of what we call blogging.

Lets get back to the fact that we are talking business here. As business owner, ask yourself how you can create an additional exposure to your business utilizing social media and the fact that social media consists of groups of people united by common interests and some of them are looking for the exact product or service you offer? Certainly if social media can be used for political reasons, remember Obama elections or Green movement during Irans elections? Positively there is a place for social media marketing. After all, politics heavily rely on marketing.

Social media strategic planning should take place before you venture in to the world of Twitterers or Diggers with your offers. Social interaction, even online requires following certain etiquette. Strategies will differ depending on the business profile and market.

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