The Internet is growing at an amazing rate.  Every minute thousands upon thousands of pages of new content appear.  Where does it all come from?   There are a lot of sources.  One thing that has become very common in the search for original website content is article rewriting.

Article rewriting does exactly what it says; it’s the rewriting ( one, or many times) of existing articles.  It has become very popular among web site owners and designers who wish to create original, search engine friendly content very quickly.

Here is what a good Article Rewriter can do for you:

Articles can be produced much more quickly. Rewriting an article that you already have and rewording it to appear to be an original article can  easily be done way faster than researching a topic and writing an article from scratch. ~ Articles can be created without the rewriter knowing anything about the subject matter.  This allows the average person who may be without writing  skills to produce quality content on a wide range of topics that can cover virtually any niche.  If there is existing content for the niche it can be  rewritten into “original” articles and website content.  Any niche. ~ It will save you a BUNCH of money!  Instead of buying ghostwritten (often created with software and not human edited) content, the content creator  will some times rewrite an existing article,  It is now possible to obtain fresh, original, human written content for your websites, blogs and newsletters  for about a penny per word. ~ You can get many different versions of the same article to be used for different purposes, including posting to a lot of different article directories. One of the most disturbing results of this practice is the rise in the number of automated rewriting applications available on the Internet.  These  software programs are also known as article ‘spinners’ and generally work in a very rudimentary and obvious fashion. article-spinner They simply take words within  the article and replace them words of a similar meaning, without actually rewriting the article or changing sentence structures.  This usually results in  an article which is unreadable and is an obvious rewrite of another.  Spinners are used by website owners who, for whatever reason, are not concerned  with quality, but merely quantity. In the huge rush for fast, free website content, the quality of information is being lost, resulting in a lot of websites with sub-standard articles and  questionable content.  It has become very hard to find high quality article, newsletter and website content among the mountains of crap that litter the  Internet. Luckily there is a new service called Fast Article Rewrites where you can get excellent quality, original articles from content you already have.  Here are  some examples where HumanRewriter will save you a nice chunk of money:  *  PLR Articles  * Syndicated Content  *  Product Descriptions  * Public Domain Works * Landing Page Text * Mailers and anything else you need quality original content for. The best part, in my opinion, is that you get to try out the service for free.  No credit card info., just create a free account and request your free trial.  I got my first article rewritten for free.   It passed CopyScape 100%! 


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