Forex marketing tools cover everything from basic ads and stats; to website design and online social networking tools..

1) Banners That Periodically Change

I think it’s of utmost importance that the Forex affiliate marketing program keep current with its banners.  When the banner changes, you’ll get more clicks and more site attention, particularly during the holidays or when competitions or promotions are in effect.

There are affiliate programs for forex that will give you banner codes that automatically rotate.  Most of the time it has 3 rotating banners, and the program changes them based on their performance.  An affiliate should never have to upload fresh code or download a fresh banner.  It will certainly ensure that you don’t waste your valuable time.

2) Good Looking Landing Pages

A potential trader clicks on the broker and then is taken from your site to another landing page. In my opinion, affiliate programs being redirected to the broker website contains too much information and would be much easier to navigate with a simple registration page.

My favorite landing page includes the broker facts and benefits, and the big glamorous button stating “start trading” or “open account”.

3) Video Tutorials and How-tos

These are a definite requirement, unless or until you become a mega affiliate! Video pieces will add interest to your website, while learning aides will help you as you’re learning the ins and outs of forex. Such marketing tools will certainly save your life until such time as you’re ready to write tutorials and create videos of your own!

4) Functional Tools

Trading widgets such as live currency rates, scrolling market news, economic calendars and charts are vital tools in creating a successful forex affiliate business.

5) A Newsletter Each Month for the Affiliates

There is no way I can live without them. They’ll keep you from having to do those searches for current updates that can take a frustrating two or three hours. Who can quibble with receiving via email a list of the most current broker promos and updates that are just about website ready!

Those Just Starting in Affiliate Marketing for Forex

Forex affiliates who have their own artistic and technical crews at hand, from Website designers to software engineers will already have the tools they need to succeed as a Forex affiliate, and there a few Forex programs that will be of assistance. Because ultimately, these super affiliates have the ability to design such tools with the large amount of money they can put into hiring a professional staff.

What I’m saying is that the majority of affiliate marketing tools made for forex are most helpful to neophytes. The strategy, then, is to utilize such tools to find out how your site is successful and how it must be improved

Be sure to investigate and find out if your site is:

1) Sufficiently quick (those sites that load slowly don’t rank as high with Google and get less traffic because visitors get frustrated waiting for the page to load and open!)

2) Indexed correctly (tools from Google webmaster can be used to upload to sitemap and make sure there are no site mistakes)

3) Get the right keywords (first know what that means and how to utilize them to optimize your search results)
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