seositeThere are times that we surf the internet, we come across websites that have very poor content.  Sometimes, their content are really rubbish like it is better if they did not have any content at all.

There are three reasons why such content may exist:

1. The owner of the website really does not know how to write or that English is not their first language

2. The content was a poorly spun article;

3. The content are purely tags and keywords.  The latter describes the worst of all website content as they intend to drive traffic towards that site using only keywords which you normally type on the search engine you are using. When placing content in your website, it is important that the content is of high quality

The importance of content and links in SEO cannot be denied because people who are searching the net for something often wants to find quality content.  If ever they stumble upon a website that does not have the content they want or perhaps the quality they want, they will just simply close that website and move on to another. 

If people who visit your website quickly close it to move on to another, this increases the bounce rate of your website. Although bounce rate does not have any real relevance in SEO according to content and links does however. 

People who search the net either love to read content or watch video content.  Content provides them with the necessary information they need about something you may be able to professionally provide.  For example, if they are looking for content regarding a particular mobile phone, then what they want is to get to a website that provides content about that mobile phone and not just links, keywords, or poorly spun content about that mobile phone. 

Additionally, having links inside the content going within or outside to authority websites are appreciated by your visitors.

Many search engines these days have an algorithm that filters poor content from their search results.  While the search technology is not yet perfect, if your website does however get filtered for poor content, then you’ll have it difficult regaining your rankings back.  In order to avoid this, it is always good practice to place only quality contents inside your website.

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