Why You Should Write Better Content

seositeThere are times that we surf the internet, we come across websites that have very poor content.  Sometimes, their content are really rubbish like it is better if they did not have any content at all.

There are three reasons why such content may exist: 1. The owner of the website really does not know how to write or that English is not their first language 2. The content was a poorly spun article; 3. The content are purely tags and keywords.  The latter describes the worst of all website content as they intend to drive traffic towards that site using only keywords which you normally type on the search engine you are using.

When placing content in your website, it is important that the content is of high quality.  The importance of content and links in SEO cannot be denied because people who are searching the net for something often wants to find quality content.  If ever they stumble upon a website that does not have the content they want or perhaps the quality they want, they will just simply close that website and move on to another.  If people who visit your website quickly close it to move on to another, this increases the bounce rate of your website.

Although bounce rate does not have any real relevance in SEO according to http://www.emethod.ca/calgary-seo/ content and links does however.  People who search the net either love to read content or watch video content.  Content provides them with the necessary information they need about something you may be able to professionally provide.  For example, if they are looking for content regarding a particular mobile phone, then what they want is to get to a website that provides content about that mobile phone and not just links, keywords, or poorly spun content about that mobile phone.  Additionally, having links inside the content going within or outside to authority websites are appreciated by your visitors.

Many search engines these days have an algorithm that filters poor content from their search results.  While the search technology is not yet perfect, if your website does however get filtered for poor content, then you’ll have it difficult regaining your rankings back.  In order to avoid this, it is always good practice to place only quality contents inside your website.

Forex Marketing ~ Tips For Picking A Forex Marketing Affiliate Program

 Forex marketing tools cover everything from basic ads and stats; to website design and online social networking tools..

1) Banners That Periodically Change

I think it’s of utmost importance that the Forex affiliate marketing program keep current with its banners.  When the banner changes, you’ll get more clicks and more site attention, particularly during the holidays or when competitions or promotions are in effect.

There are affiliate programs for forex that will give you banner codes that automatically rotate.  Most of the time it has 3 rotating banners, and the program changes them based on their performance.  An affiliate should never have to upload fresh code or download a fresh banner.  It will certainly ensure that you don’t waste your valuable time.

2) Good Looking Landing Pages

A potential trader clicks on the broker and then is taken from your site to another landing page. In my opinion, affiliate programs being redirected to the broker website contains too much information and would be much easier to navigate with a simple registration page.

My favorite landing page includes the broker facts and benefits, and the big glamorous button stating “start trading” or “open account”.

3) Video Tutorials and How-tos

These are a definite requirement, unless or until you become a mega affiliate! Video pieces will add interest to your website, while learning aides will help you as you’re learning the ins and outs of forex. Such marketing tools will certainly save your life until such time as you’re ready to write tutorials and create videos of your own!

4) Functional Tools

Trading widgets such as live currency rates, scrolling market news, economic calendars and charts are vital tools in creating a successful forex affiliate business.

5) A Newsletter Each Month for the Affiliates

There is no way I can live without them. They’ll keep you from having to do those searches for current updates that can take a frustrating two or three hours. Who can quibble with receiving via email a list of the most current broker promos and updates that are just about website ready!

Those Just Starting in Affiliate Marketing for Forex

Forex affiliates who have their own artistic and technical crews at hand, from Website designers to software engineers will already have the tools they need to succeed as a Forex affiliate, and there a few Forex programs that will be of assistance. Because ultimately, these super affiliates have the ability to design such tools with the large amount of money they can put into hiring a professional staff.

What I’m saying is that the majority of affiliate marketing tools made for forex are most helpful to neophytes. The strategy, then, is to utilize such tools to find out how your site is successful and how it must be improved

Be sure to investigate and find out if your site is:

1) Sufficiently quick (those sites that load slowly don’t rank as high with Google and get less traffic because visitors get frustrated waiting for the page to load and open!)

2) Indexed correctly (tools from Google webmaster can be used to upload to sitemap and make sure there are no site mistakes)

3) Get the right keywords (first know what that means and how to utilize them to optimize your search results)
Affiliate Marketing Handbook

Need An Article Rewriter? Have A Human Rewrite Your Content For About A Penny Per Word

The Internet is growing at an amazing rate.  Every minute thousands upon thousands of pages of new content appear.  Where does it all come from?   There are a lot of sources.  One thing that has become very common in the search for original website content is article rewriting.

Article rewriting does exactly what it says; it’s the rewriting ( one, or many times) of existing articles.  It has become very popular among web site owners and designers who wish to create original, search engine friendly content very quickly.

Here is what a good Article Rewriter can do for you:

Articles can be produced much more quickly. Rewriting an article that you already have and rewording it to appear to be an original article can  easily be done way faster than researching a topic and writing an article from scratch.

~ Articles can be created without the rewriter knowing anything about the subject matter.  This allows the average person who may be without writing  skills to produce quality content on a wide range of topics that can cover virtually any niche.  If there is existing content for the niche it can be  rewritten into “original” articles and website content.  Any niche.

~ It will save you a BUNCH of money!  Instead of buying ghostwritten (often created with software and not human edited) content, the content creator  will some times rewrite an existing article,  It is now possible to obtain fresh, original, human written content for your websites, blogs and newsletters  for about a penny per word.

~ You can get many different versions of the same article to be used for different purposes, including posting to a lot of different article directories.

One of the most disturbing results of this practice is the rise in the number of automated rewriting applications available on the Internet.  These  software programs are also known as article ‘spinners’ and generally work in a very rudimentary and obvious fashion.

They simply take words within  the article and replace them words of a similar meaning, without actually rewriting the article or changing sentence structures.  This usually results in  an article which is unreadable and is an obvious rewrite of another.  Spinners are used by website owners who, for whatever reason, are not concerned  with quality, but merely quantity.

In the huge rush for fast, free website content, the quality of information is being lost, resulting in a lot of websites with sub-standard articles and  questionable content.  It has become very hard to find high quality article, newsletter and website content among the mountains of crap that litter the  Internet.

Luckily there is a new service called Fast Article Rewrites where you can get excellent quality, original articles from content you already have.  Here are  some examples where HumanRewriter will save you a nice chunk of money:  *  PLR Articles  * Syndicated Content  *  Product Descriptions  * Public Domain Works * Landing Page Text * Mailers and anything else you need quality original content for.

The best part, in my opinion, is that you get to try out the service for free.  No credit card info., just create a free account and request your free trial.  I got my first article rewritten for free.   It passed CopyScape 100%! 

What Does An Adsense Site Look Like?

The world is looking for that fast and effective way to make money on the Internet and Google Adsense is the way in which that is being done. However, there are many individuals who are failing at their Adsense campaigns and they can’t quite figure out why. They built the website, they have done the marketing, but nothing is happening. So now this brings about a good question and that question is why so many campaigns fail.

The reason why so many campaigns fail is not because of the way that they are marketing, but the website itself. There are so many people who start out with a blank page in front of them and, when they are done, they think that they have a high quality Adsense site in front of them. The truth is that they don’t. It may look good, but is it truly functional?

Here is what a good Adsense site should really look like:

~ A good Adsense site is going to be organized and optimized in a way that is easy to understand. Visitors don’t like it when their heads spin because the content and the ads are all jumbled. The best way to solve this is by taking a look at Adsense templates and finding those templates that you feel fit your niche the best.

~ The website should have high quality content based on one particular niche. As tempting as it may be to cover many different areas in order to have several different types of Adsense ads on the site, that is not a good idea. You want content that is fun to read, which is content that is going to lead to a click on at least one of the Adsense ads on the page.

~ Have several niches you would like to cover? If so, then you need more than one Adsense site. You need to have one site per niche. A person can’t have too many Adsense websites. Having multiple Adsense websites simply means you’re going to be able to appeal to many different audiences.

These are the three main components to a quality Adsense site. Google Adsense can be quite profitable, but it is very difficult to capitalize upon that if you’re not sure what a good Adsense site really looks like. But now you know. With that knowledge, you can create a bunch of quality Adsense websites and become a master in your trade.

About the Author

If you’re considering adding adsense as an additional source of revenue to your internet business then you should consider getting your hands on these 200 Adsense Templates that have been professionally optimized for Adsense and the search engines. Why spend weeks and months studying and using trial and error to determine proper adsense ad placement? These niche templates already have the Adsense correctly built into them.

How To Kill Your AdWords Quality Score In Two Easy Steps

Many AdWords Users Are Killing Their Quality Score And They Don’t Even Know It.

The quality score, among other things, is used by Google to determine ad placement and cost.  There are quite a few advertisers who are absolutely killing their score and they don’t even realize it.

The formula that Google uses to determine quality score may take many factors into account but there are two things that will kill your score in a heartbeat.  A lower quality score means that you are going to pay more for your AdWords placement.

1.) Landing Page

In the eyes of Google the landing page must be true to the letter of your ad. If you promise a free report or e-book, then your landing page must have an open link to the download.  No squeezing allowed.

Honestly, Google and AdWords are not against the use of squeeze pages; however they are against advertising something for free and then requiring your visitor to exchange their name and email address for your product.  As Google sees it, free means free, not in exchange for something.

The best way to get around this is to NEVER use the word “free” in you AdWords copy if there is not an open download link on the landing page.  If you insist on doing this, Google will penalize you.

google-quality-score_2A Few Words Of Advice On Landing Pages.

Keep your landing page relevant to your AdWords copy.  Google loves sites that have relevant, high quality copy.  Sites that are not relevant to their ad copy are considered low quality and while Google will not ban them they will raise their costs so high that using AdWords is no longer economically feasible.

Avoid redirects on your landing page.  The the use of sneaky redirects seems to be a part of the underside of the Internet marketing business and is a “black hat”
From Google Help Center

What Is ‘Quality Score’ And How Is It Calculated?

The AdWords system calculates a ‘Quality Score’ for each of your keywords. It looks at a variety of factors to measure how relevant your keyword is to your ad text and to a user’s search query. A keyword’s Quality Score updates frequently and is closely related to its performance. In general, a high Quality Score means that your keyword will trigger ads in a higher position and at a lower cost-per-click (CPC).

Do not use hidden text or links.  If Google observes your site to have hidden text or links and deems them deceptive in nature, you may find that your site has been removed from the Google Index.

2.) Floating Layer And Hover Ads

google-adwords-quality-score_4__2_Google and AdWords hate these things.  Simply put, these types of ads will destroy your quality score. Get them off your landing page as soon as possible.  Replace these ads with a static opt-in form built into your landing page.
3.) Pop Up Or Pop Under Ads

Google sees these types of ads as a hindrance to navigation on a site and will ban your landing page from AdWords if you use them.  They will only re-activate your AdWords ads when you have removed any type of pop up or pop under ads.

If you are using any of the points outlined here on your site then you are only hurting yourself.  Clean up your site and you will find that your ad position may climb while your costs may drop!

About the Author

Frank Rumbauskas is a New York Times best-selling author and a Certified  Google AdWords Professional. He has been recognized by Google for generating over one million leads with AdWords. For 10 free chapters of Frank’s breakthrough AdWords system, please visit  http://www.adwordsinsidesecrets.com

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